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Meet the Doctor

Dr. Breann RennerSometimes the miracle is never needing one!  Dr. Bre has seen many miracles of healing in her extensive experience; but that is not how she found Chiropractic. 

I began seeing a Chiropractor at the age of 9 after a Medical Doctor informed my mother that I had scoliosis. At the time I thought it was “cool” but was not exactly sure what happened when I went there or why I was going. A few years later I began to see a new Chiropractor, Dr. Kari J. Lund, and my world began to change. I learned that Chiropractic was not about simply “cracking backs.”  Dr. Lund helped me to learn about the Nerve System; and especially about how it controls the function of everything else in your entire body. It seemed so simple; yet I could see how I could help so many people! From then on, I knew this was my calling. I went through High School and Undergraduate College knowing I would become a Chiropractor. 

Along the way I had the privilege of working in a few different Chiropractic Offices. This helped me to gain many amazing mentors, as well as learn the business inside and out. During this time my passion for Chiropractic and its amazing ability to help so many people kept growing. I also began to realize that I was so much healthier than many of my friends and family. Unfortunately at that time I did not know much about nutrition but I was getting adjusted, the only difference between myself and them!

Dr. BreI attended Life University in Marietta, Georgia with an understanding that I wanted to help change people’s lives; little did I know that my friends and colleagues there were going to help me change mine! I learned how to become a great Chiropractor at school; and outside of school I learned how to become an amazing leader!    My colleagues helped me to realize that I really would be able to help people create the amazing lives I knew they deserved. It was here where I gained experience in public speaking and mentoring.

Leaving school can be pretty scary (they call it leaving the womb!) However, I was very lucky after school to gain experience as an Associate Chiropractor to an amazing Chiropractic office in Onalaska over the past few years. After learning a lot, meeting some really great people and being introduced to the great community of Onalaska, I was ready to do it on my own! That’s the journey that brought me to Healthy Living Chiropractic. I am honored to be able to serve you on any level you desire and I look forward to helping you create the life of your dreams!