Healthy Living Chiropractic & Wellness Center


You were born to be healthy and happy for your lifetime!

Healthy Living Chiropractic (HLC) operates under the philosophy that true health and wellness comes from within; this is called innate intelligence. It is time to stop using the “band-aid” approach and continue to “cover” symptoms and hope a problem gets better! Dr. Bre understands the principles of holistic healing and creating health from the inside out. Dr. Bre also understands that we sometimes create habits that interfere with our body’s innate ability to heal. HLC will help you identify the areas that are causing your problem or symptom and help you to change so that you do not continue to re-create the same issue over and over again!

Do not worry; we know it can take a while to create these healthy changes, if you have pain in the meantime Dr. Bre is an expert in helping reduce your pain as well.