Healthy Living Chiropractic & Wellness Center

Services Offered

HLC offers a variety of classes to help you reach your best you!  Please contact us to find out when the next class is or visit our events calendar.  You need not be a patient at HLC to attend these classes; they are free and open to the public!  Simply call and let us know you are coming so we can reserve you a spot!


No it will not ever go away; but we can learn to deal with it better!

Healthy Nerve Supply

The traditional Chiropractic part.  We have many plans to meet your goals; from simple pain relief to creating a proper functioning nerve supply to all areas of your body.

Proper Nutrition

Learn an easy and effective nutrition plan whether your goal is weight loss or to change your health profile.

Effective Exercise

Quit wasting your time!  Learn why traditional exercise is not effective and learn a work out plan that gets results.  Plus we will cut your work out time in half!


This has been all the buzz ; and you may have even tried a detox system in the past.  Learn whether or not you need to detox, the proper way to do it if you do need to, and how to reduce your need to detox in the future.

Accountability Programs

These classes are for those who are really serious about losing weight or changing their health profile but are struggling to do this on their own.  This is the best way to see the quickest results.