Healthy Living Chiropractic & Wellness Center

What to Expect

Initial Visit: 

Expect to be greeted by a smile in a warm and relaxing environment. You will be asked to complete some necessary paperwork. Then Dr. Bre will begin to learn about you and the reason(s) you came to Healthy Living Chiropractic. Dr. Bre will evaluate your nerve system through consultation, examination, advanced technology non-invasive scanning and x-rays if necessary. This allows Dr. Bre to gather information about your complaint as well as health habits to have the knowledge to put together an appropriate care plan to meet  your goals and expectations. 

Dr. Bre takes great care and responsibility in analyzing the information gathered on the initial visit.  After your initial visit, you will leave feeling empowered, filled with hope of health and healing!


Second Visit: 

Dr. Bre will explain exactly what may be going on, how to help it, how long it may take and how much it may cost. Then you decide if you would like to begin a course of treatment and which level of care is right for you.


Subsequent visits:

 Expect to continuously be greeted in a relaxing environment, as well as be adjusted and inspired to accomplish your goals!

Dr. Bre will always let you know about upcoming events. As your body heals you may become more excited to learn about other things such as: nutrition, surge training (exercise) and detoxification.